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If you're not sure where to direct your question, please contact the PTC Commissioner Team at

The Commissioner Team is equipped to answer most questions on Scouting program and administration, and to properly route questions to the right District, Council and National contacts when they don't have the answer.

District Executives

Each District in Pine Tree Council is served by a professional:

PTC Offices

Pine Tree Council offices process the paperwork that keeps Scouting moving.

Mailing address: 146 Plains Rd, Raymond, ME 04071
Office phone: 207-797-5252
Office FAX: 207-655-6282

The Scout Shop is located at 131 Johnson Rd in Portland, ME and may be reached at 207-541-3951 or by emailing

The following staff support Council operations:

The following contacts are for Camp operations:

  • Camp Hinds Office: 207-655-6766
  • Camp Bomazeen Office: 207-465-3098
  • Director, Camp Bomazeen: Butch Dawbin
  • Director, Camp Hinds: Jack Waite

Scout Executive

For all press inquiries and policy questions, please contact Pine Tree Council's Scout Executive, Eric Tarbox, 207-797-5252 x20

Please see Youth Protection Reporting Procedures for instructions on Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Reporting Violations of BSA Youth Protection Policies.

You Are The District

Pine Tree Council is volunteer-led and professionally-guided. At the Council level and in every District, a paid professional works with a team of volunteers to help support Scouting.

Pine Tree Council serves 10 of Maine's 16 counties. The leaders volunteering at the District and Council level often get their start as a Scout or as a Unit-level volunteer within the Council. And as we serve a broad geographic area, it takes leaders in all places, not just in Portland or Raymond, to provide an effective Scouting program. Scouting is where you are.

When you see needs at the District or Council level, please surface those needs. The Districts and the Council do their best to serve the needs of the Units. By letting us know about a problem, you enable us to pursue a solution.

But recognize too that there is opportunity to serve Scouting. As a volunteer-led Council, we are the Districts and we are the Council. Contact your District Commissioner or District Executive to offer your assistance.

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