Unit Administration

Keep paperwork overhead in check so you can focus on Scouting.

Annual Planning

BSA provides tools to support annual planning, including budgeting and program planning.

Training on the annual planning process is included in position-specific Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader training courses. Training is available online and in-person. For a printable list of upcoming training events, see Training at a Glance.


The Journey to Excellence is a continuous improvement program for all Units, Districts and Councils across the Boy Scouts of America.

JTE Scorecards are useful in annual planning and in tracking ongoing Unit performance.

Work with your Commissioner to set reasonable goals.


Advancement is tracked using Internet Advancement, and awards are then purchased from the Scout Shop. Access to Unit Account funds at the Scout Shop is restricted, and the approved list should be updatd annually.

The PTC Advancement Team provides support for Advancement policies and procedures and Internet Advancement. Internet Advancement training is available, as well as "Getting the Most from Internet Advancement".

The Guide to Advancement details the Advancement program. The Guide to Insignia and Awards lists the awards which may be earned. Uniform Inspection Sheets detail where awards should be sewn on.

Some Units have elected to make use of Scoutbook for advancement tracking. Internet Advancement remains the system of record, and data must be transferred from Scoutbook to Internet Advancement.


New Scouts find your Unit through local recruiting and through beascout.org. Please keep your Unit pin up-to-date if your Unit contact, Chartered Organization or meeting place changes.

New Scouts currently register using a paper Youth Application. Online registration will launch in Pine Tree Council in June, 2017.

New Adult leaders currently register using a paper Adult Application. Please make sure all signature boxes are complete (both pages), your Social Security Number is provided (as to enable a background check), and the correct position code is specified. If you are registering for a new position, please note your existing member ID as to prevent accidental doubling of member IDs. Online registration will launch in Pine Tree Council in June, 2017.

If you're planning a recruit event for your Unit, please contact your District Executive to have flyers printed.


All units in Pine Tree Council complete a recharter process annually in the fall, with all paperwork completed by December 31st. This process is handled by the Unit's Committee Chair in coordination with the Unit Leader (Cubmaster or Scoutmaster) and Chartered Organization Rep.

As part of this process, Pine Tree Council requires that all leaders repeat Youth Protection training (available online at my.scouting.org) in the same year as the recharter (e.g. if charter paperwork is due by Dec 31, 2017, all leaders must have a 2017 Youth Protection training completion date).

The Commissioner Team provides information about the recharter starting with Youth Protection training reminders in June, and recharter process instructions in the fall.

Talent Forms

Most Units resource from within. The Family Talent Survey can help identify which parents have power tools and who has a large vehicle for hauling cases of popcorn.


Pine Tree Council supports Units by administering an annual Popcorn sales program.

Units seeking other fundraising opportunities must complete a Unit Money-Earning Application. The Council does not take a cut from fundraisers. In accordance with Fiscal Policies and Procedures for BSA Units, fundraising is not permitted unless approved by the Chartered Organization and the Council. This application is not needed for the Council's popcorn sale.

Unit Accounts are maintained with Pine Tree Council and the Scout Shop. Access to these accounts is controlled by the Restricted Use of Unit Accounts form, which should be updated annually.


Friends of Scouting provides an important source of funds to support Scouting program within Pine Tree Council. Please contact your District Executive if your Unit has not yet scheduled a FOS presentation. PTC intends to provide a new site on FOS later in 2017.

LDS Units

Units chartered to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints follow LDS-specific program guidance.

Need Help?

Not sure where to go for help? Contact billcoffin@ptcbsa.org

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